Fascinating... a mood-setting nautical lamp safe & convenient to use

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Designed with passion in Switzerland  

How Does the Flame Rotate?

Three air inlets opposing each other are created into the sides of a metal ring.

Does It Require Batteries?

No, batteries are NOT required. Rotation of the flame is natural by design.

Is There a Guarantee?

We are pleased to offer a lifetime guarantee for defects in material or workmanship for all non-glass components of our product.

Clean & No Mess

Unlike a candle, there is no wax mess and no messy refilling because the GALLUS® Lamp uses disposable oil cartridges. Simply dispose of used cartridges which remove easily from the base.

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Rotating flame, resembling that of a light house, has a relaxing effect. Sit back with a hot drink or wine and enjoy the soothing motion of the flame as it rotates naturally, at the rate of a human heart beat.

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Customize your GALLUS® Light base by engraving it with your own personal message.