Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Three air inlets and a parabolic glass chimney create a swirling upward draft that rotates the flame. The glass chimney protects against the flame being extinguished by sudden drafts.

Dimensions are 3.5” (9cm) base diameter, 9.25” (23.5cm) tall (5.5cm base, 18cm chimney)

Yes, we ship to almost all countries. To calculate shipping costs for your location, please use our shipping cost calculator (checkout).

Yes, replacing the oil cartridge is easy. By simply lifting up the metal ring and glass chimney, you expose the oil cartridge which you can easily replace with a new one.

Your package will come with many parts. For a full list of components included in our packages, click here

No, batteries are NOT required, Rotation of the flame is natural by design.

We are pleased to offer a lifetime guarantee for defects in material or workmanship for all non-glass components of our product.

Oil lamp cartridges burn up to 8 hours.

You cannot burn yourself on the GALLUS Lamp unless you hold your skin against the parabolic glass chimney for some seconds. Fortunately, mother nature has given us reflexes which ensure against harm. Nonetheless, curious fingers may end up touching the hot glass, which would not be a pleasant experience. Fortunately, children, once they understand that the glass gets hot, will not touch the glass for a second time. A protective glass cylinder is available to prevent access to the glass chimney.

Yes. A light breeze will not extinguish the flame, so you can continue to experience the calm, serene effect of a gently rotating flame despite a little wind. This unique product may be placed anywhere inside or outside on a countertop, table, or patio furniture. It provides an interesting conversation piece and brightens up any party or social gathering.

Make sure that the air inlets in the metal ring are not obstructed. Obstruction can be caused by the Maritime Gallus Lamp being placed near another object or wall which obstructs the inlets from taking in air. Move the Maritime Gallus Lamp away from the wall. It is also possible that the glass chimney does not fit properly in the metal ring. Try rotating the glass chimney for a better fit.

You may blow the flame out by blowing in the small opening at the top of the glass cover. Or, you may cover the opening for a few seconds with a non-flamable surface. This will deprive the Maritime Gallus Lamp of oxygen and cause the flame to go out. A porcelain thimble is available on our website and is probably the best way to extinguish the flame. DO NOT FIRST ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE CHIMNEY PRIOR TO BLOWING OUT THE FLAME because the chimney gets hot during use!

Some soot buildup over time is unavoidable. In any case, you should clean your lamp from time to time. A special Maritime Gallus Lamp chimney cleaning brush comes with your Maritime Gallus Lamp and serves for removing soot which wasn’t cleaned off by the dish washer. If you’ve lost yours and need to order a replacement, you can order here

For cleaning remove the glass chimney, and the metal ring (i.e., the metal and glass subassembly, from the wooden base. Clean the wooden base with a damp cloth or with a furniture polish. Do not place the wooden base in a dishwasher or soak in water. Only after it has completely cooled, you may clean the glass chimney in a dishwasher or by using soap, and water, drying by hand. Use the brush included in your box to clean the neck of the glass chimney first, using window cleaner if you like, and then place in dishwasher.

Do not block the inlet openings. Do not place this against a wall or other obstruction.

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